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Welcome to the House of Isola Bio.

Isola Bio headquarters in Badia Polesine, Veneto, Italy are a pioneeristic sustainable site. It is where we create and produce our core recipes: our tasty drinks.

Our production site greets another new day of tasty drinks production with respect for the environment and sustainability. Explore our facility with us in the video, and see where it all starts, everyday!

Our Energy is 100% Green

44% comes from our Co-Generation system, recycling energy from our own production processes. 54% comes from certified renewable energy sources. 2% comes from the photovoltaic system on the roof of our facility.

Sunlight stirs the growth of the raw materials on which our products are based and makes our work possible: it provides energy to the equipment that makes the Isola Bio beverages we bring to your home each day. 

We have invested in one of the most sustainable cogeneration plants in the world to generate the electric power that drives our production process. The innovative “air bearings” system optimizes efficiency by reusing the exhaust gases from the turbines to produce the saturated steam necessary for production. 

We also utilize outside renewable and photovoltaic sources in production. The electric power we purchase comes totally from renewable sources.

Our Energy is 100% Green

Our Water: Zero Waste Policy.

Even our water system is complete-cycle: the water we use for our products undergoes daily analysis and must meet all the chemical, physical and microbiological standards.

Our Sustainable Story

Inverse osmosis is the heart of the process: it provides the highest level of filtration without resorting to the use of chemical regenerants. A remineralization process then gives back all the naturally-present minerals previously removed by osmosis, making it pure, suitable and safe for the production and our drinks.

We are also attentive to the industrial wash water, which undergoes active sludge depuration and is then released in surface water. We also minimize our environmental impact by transforming the waste sludge into agricultural fertilizer used around the Isola Bio facility.

This way, we are trying to achieve our ZERO WASTE goals, giving back to the nature as much as we take and more.

How we create our recipes: a waste-free process.

Our plant based drinks get even more tasty: we produce them with care and not wasting any part of our cereals. Production scrap ( the solid part that does not become you tasty drink) is dried and given to local farmers.

Our Sustainable Story

Pioneers of sustainability.

We share with you the same choices on food and we uphold in all our activities sustainability as the necessary and complimentary value to realize our organic beliefs.

At Isola Bio we prepare each recipe with special care and for over 18 years have been the choice of nutrition-conscious parents, dynamic young people, and organic taste lovers who are aware of the benefits of plant nutrition and populated over the years our organic island.


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