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Our Lands: welcome to Italy.

Where our passion for organic becomes a bountiful harvest.

1000 Hectares of cereals for our tasty recipes with an italian heart.

Take a look: these are the Isola Bio Lands. Since 2007, we decided to own our own lands to grow and follow our cereals from the seed to the very end product.

A brave choice by the founders of Isola Bio, that 10 years ago created a truly organic island where to cultivate GMO free cereals and soy strictly following the rules of organic farming. Welcome to our breathtaking lands of in Molise (Southern Italy) and Veneto (North East of Italy).

Join our agricultural society "La Goccia" and meet our 30 trusted farmers.

We face good and bad seasons with them, and most of all we rejoice at harvest time.

We have a storage center in Molise that allows to collect when the time is right cereals harvested and store them at humidity and temperature controlled. Double checks happen there to make sure the cereals are safely stored.

We are so proud of our cereal recipes: from the land to your organic heart.

Oat, Spelt and Millet feature 100% Italian Cereals coming from our own land.

When we receive the cereals we double check them to make sure, like our farmers would say, that everything is really "buonissimo". And indeed it is.

We are celebrating with you the first 10 years of "La Goccia", our pioneering organic agricultural venture.

Thank you for choosing with your organic heart an authentic product made with love.


We are so proud of our cereal recipes: from the land to your organic heart.

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