Where is Isola Bio?

Welcome to the House of Isola Bio!

Isola Bio's headquarters are still where our first Rice Drink was produced in 1999: Abafoods, in Badia Polesine, Italy. A pioneering Organic Expertise Centre for the extraction of plant based drinks, Abafoods and Isola Bio join the european group Wessanen in 2015.

Welcome to the House of Isola Bio!


Abafoods s.r.l. con unico socio

Via Cà Mignola Nuova 1775

45021 Badia Polesine

Rovigo (RO), Italy

TEL: +39 0425 594489 - MAIL: info@isolabio.com

Where is Isola Bio?

Isola Bio is a Wessanen brand. Wessanen is a european group based in Amsterdam.

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