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Enjoy the authentic savour of nature in our Original recipes. The purest taste and the shortest ingredient list make these instant classics your daily good choice for breakfast.

YUMMY Drinks

Did you know that organic could be so naturally yummy? Abandon yourself to the gluttonous side of organic, make the best out of your precious breaks indulging in the tastiest and richest recipes we ever created.


Turn your daily intake of healthy nutrients like calcium into a tasty ride through our best recipes! Lithothamnium Calcareum seaweed adds all the natural calcium you need for your daily routine without animal additions or dairy. All you need, and nothing else but taste!

POWER Waters

Enjoy our clear extracts from fruits and plants: natural isotonics that will help you rehydrate quickly after your daily gym routine or enjoying a sunny day at the beach. All the plant based goodness and zero of the sports drinks added sugars nonsense.

LIGHT Drinks

If you're counting calories, you can relax here and just enjoy the flowy texture and the postive vibes of our recipes with less calories and an authentic taste. A lighter take on our Original recipes to turn an already a good choice into a 100% guilt free rejoicing.

FRESH Drinks

Experience our recipes in their smoother texture ever, thanks to the rigorous and highly conservative method of shipment and delivery. Enjoy the premium richness of the taste and drink it fresh for a glass of original and unaltered vegetal goodness.

FRUIT Juices

Refresh your daily breaks with our Fruit Juices. From the innocent kids juices to the tempting italian blood oranges, we select only the juiciest fruits for our sun kissed range.


Organic cooking is Inspiring! Go 100% dairy free with our tasty plant based creams, quickly turning every recipe naturally mouthwatering!

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